4 Great Reasons to Try IV Therapy

Maintaining a full time schedule has rarely felt more grueling than it does right now. As the world opens back up and businesses race to adjust to a new status quo, top performers across all professions are getting burnt out. If this sounds like you, then you might agree that what little free time is left can also feel like work. Not a great feeling. To go the extra mile, or to simply unwind these days, you need something beyond routine maintenance. That’s where the Center for Optimal Repair & Recovery comes in.

Founded by Dr. Leif Rogers, CORR is an exclusive, members-only service designed to optimize elite performers in every field – from the boardroom to the playing field & everywhere in between. Most notably, they offer IV therapy to all their clients; arguably the fastest and most convenient way to recharge, boost your immune system and optimize your performance – whether that’s at work, in your social life, or both.

What is IV Therapy?

In execution, IV therapy works exactly as you’d expect – intravenous vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are delivered straight into your bloodstream. Unlike a hospital, however, CORR’s primary use of IV therapy is less about sustaining you, and more about optimizing you for whatever life has in store. There are a variety of different uses for this therapy, some of which are straightforward, and some of which are flat-out revolutionary:

1. Jettison Jet Lag

As international business travel resumes – or as you navigate an already trying East Coast/West Coast work week – you once again come face to face with the dreaded enemy of productivity: jet lag. IV therapy offers one of the easiest ways to bounce back and land both body and mind in the proper time zone. Proper jet lag reversal begins with maximum hydration, so your body can recover everything it’s lost in flight. IV therapy also works to stabilize natural production of melatonin, adjusting your body’s natural biorhythm & getting you on the right sleep schedule a whole lot faster. 

There’s also never been a better time to beef up your jet lag response with a host of immune boosters. On top of ever-present airplane bacteria, there are now more obvious reasons to maximize your body’s defenses. Boosters like Vitamin C, D3, Zinc, and a full B complex spectrum can be added to the mix, assisting you in the fight against airborne illness.

2. Steady Your Mood

The stresses of the day can take a huge toll on your mood – which in turn can take a huge toll on everyone around you. IV therapy offers a superior solution to managing stress, anxiety and even symptoms of depression. With nutrients delivered directly into your system, IV therapy provides maximum bioavailability, dwarfing the benefits of oral herbs and supplements, so you can get back to feeling like yourself today, not tomorrow.

Magnesium sulfate is particularly effective through IV therapy, when it comes to relaxing nerves and calming the senses. When delivered with full bioavailability, magnesium sulfate can also soothe muscles and prevent migraines. If your current schedule has you waking up on the wrong side of the bed, consider IV therapy the quickest way to swap sides.

3. Energize

Beyond circumstantial needs like mood support or fighting jet lag, IV therapy is simply a great choice for anyone looking to increase energy and accomplish more in their day. Amino acids are especially useful for boosting energy levels when delivered directly into your body, along with B-vitamins that don’t just pump you up, but also strengthen your immune system.

On top of dramatically improving focus & vigor, IV therapy can help get past nutrient deficiencies that influence energy levels to begin with. Since IVs bypass the digestive system, you’ll be getting a super-powered dose of vitamins and minerals that often get lost on their journey to heal.

4. Cleanse Toxins – No Matter Where They’re From

One of IV therapy’s most immediate uses comes in the form of cleansing toxins from the body. Faster than diet or supplement-based cleansing programs (and attached to a whole lot less grief), direct infusions of Vitamin C, ALAs, Glutathione & more can help rid the body of free radicals and other pesky toxins prone to wearing you down.

This also goes for hangovers. Maybe you can’t unwind the same way you did in your early 20s without facing consequences, but with IV therapy, you can at least make those consequences vanish in a flash. When applied directly, sodium chloride aids in undoing any and all damage you did last weekend – from fatigue to brain fog, dehydration and nausea – so you can power into the work week like someone who got nothing but rest since Friday.

More Benefits

The uses of IV therapy don’t stop here. In fact, from weight loss to cardiovascular health, sex drive and beyond, there are probably new applications for this simple procedure being discovered as you’re reading. So if you’re short on time, big on stress or just eager to boost your performance, reach out to CORR and discover what IV therapy can do for you.