How To Heal Faster From Pain & Injury

Whether you’re recovering from surgery, treating a new injury, or carrying chronic pain from a long-standing condition, there’s no way around it – when your body hurts, your life and work both suffer. For high-performing professionals, injury risks more than your obvious, immediate health. It also risks huge setbacks that can affect your entire livelihood.

The Center for Optimal Repair & Recovery (CORR) was founded by Dr. Leif Rogers, and was designed to fill critical gaps in the current landscape of patient care, along with accelerating the recovery time for its in-demand clientele, so they can sooner get back to doing what they do best.

CORR’s all-inclusive membership means every available solution comes straight to the patient, at their convenience – cutting out the need for multiple doctor visits and separate billing. Most importantly, it means you have access to all of CORR’s targeted Healing & Recovery services, some of which we’ll outline here.


After a storied tradition of healing in the East, acupuncture is enjoying a new surge of popularity in the West, as evolving medical research reveals holistic benefits that are too numerous to ignore (even to former skeptics). Acupuncture involves thin needles that are placed on specific areas of the body to reduce pain, and promote the organs’ natural ability to heal the body. What makes this treatment especially unique is its ability to ease mental pain simultaneously with the physical – improving a patient’s mood, easing their anxiety and countering their depression, amongst many other perks.

For obvious reasons, acupuncture is a treatment that might intimidate some patients, but CORR’s private rooms and in-house team of professionals make the process as comfortable as possible; minimizing pain with strategic techniques that heal body and mind without disrupting spirits. No matter what ailment you’re recovering from, acupuncture is a treatment that can alleviate pain and help you heal faster; proven by over 3000 years of success.


Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation – or EMS, as it’s more commonly known, is another treatment with a shockingly deep history – dating all the way back to 500 BC when Ancient Egyptians (then later the Greeks and Romans) began to utilize the natural electrical impulses of certain fish to alleviate pain. Obviously, it’s a far more sophisticated technique today, as research continues to discover new uses for it, beyond pain management. Most popularly, EMS is used to treat and heal injured muscles.

CORR’s dedicated team of in-house practitioners are always on the cutting edge of new findings, and ready to apply proven knowledge to an already-efficient technique. Our staff applies EMS pads directly to the patient’s body (generally the rear or limbs), targeting muscle groups with low-level electromagnetic pulses. The result doesn’t just rehabilitate injured muscle groups, but can actually help build new muscles altogether, and greatly improve patients’ long-term athletic performance. On top of that, new research points to EMS’ big potential for decreasing stubborn belly fat.

GameReady Med4 Elite

Ideal for patients recovering from surgery or traumatic injury, Med4Elite can expedite recovery, along with greatly reducing pain and swelling. A complete integration of four other services CORR offers – namely Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy, Rapid Contrast Therapy (RCT) and Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Therapy (IPC), Med4Elite is designed to holistically treat the custom needs of each and every client that undergoes it.

To be specific, Med4Elite is comprised of these four treatments:

  • Cold Compression, which relieves pain and reduces swelling around problem areas, along with countering muscle spasms.
  • Heat Compression, which improves circulation throughout the whole body, and relieves pain and stiff joints.
  • Rapid Contrast, which increases blood flow without increasing swelling – along with reducing pain and nerve sensitivity.
  • Active Compression, which mimics muscle contractions at a natural rhythm, in order to increase oxygen & further reduce swelling in injured areas.

Altogether, Med4Elite can target multiple injury concerns at once, and is an essential treatment for recovering patients looking to bounce back to a busy schedule much sooner than later.

Ballancer Pro

Ballancer Pro is another treatment ideal for clients recovering from surgical procedure or heavy injury, but can also be used to treat swelling from water retention, or even frequent flying. It uses targeted cycles of compression and massage to improve lymphatic circulation, which clears congested areas and greatly reduces swelling, all throughout the body. 

CORR’s staff customizes each treatment to the client’s unique needs, but the system generally involves one to three cycles that can be combined into one treatment:

  • A Wave Cycle that massages the whole lymphatic system with long, deep movements and instantly alleviates pain and discomfort from problem areas.
  • A Balancer Cycle that produces quick & fast peristaltic massage.
  • A Pretherapy Cycle that stimulates lymph nodes specifically in the groin and armpits.

The reduction in swelling can greatly speed up all manner of recovery, and even offers benefits to those clients looking to decrease water retention, or simply improve the function of their current lymphatic system.

Wrapping Up

Whatever’s causing you pain – an injury, a chronic condition, or the actual surgery needed to correct it, CORR offers services that address that pain, then go beyond it. In each case, they’re proven to help you bounce back stronger a whole lot faster. If your life entails too much to miss out on sitting in a recovery bed, reach out today and learn more. 

A CORR membership could be just the ticket to get you back on your feet and feeling better, inside & out, without losing precious time (or suffering needlessly). In fact, once you’re back to your regular life and achieving goals with full vigor, you might find it’s a membership that pays for itself.