Benefits of Hormone Therapy & Optimization

Regardless of job or business, 2020 was a stressful year to be at work. With so many novel challenges and shifting conditions, there’s never been a tougher time to manage a team – or simply guide your company to survival. Unfortunately, many of those stresses have continued post-pandemic, as companies look to recapture their lost growth and keep up in a chaotic new landscape. For those who are still making big decisions and going the extra mile, a little assistance could go a long way.

More and more top professionals & elite performers across the board are turning to new solutions for that assistance, as they look to optimize their bodies and minds for a daily routine that demands all of their energy. Founded by Dr. Leif Rogers, the Center for Optimal Recovery & Repair (CORR) seeks to provide exactly that for an exclusive clientele operating at the top of their class. Hormone therapy in particular has proven the most popular way for many clients to reach that next level of performance.

So What Exactly Is Hormone Therapy?

Hormone therapy involves any procedure that either blocks hormone production or increases hormone levels to achieve its goals. These goals encompass a wide range of results, but most immediately, hormone therapy can improve the body’s response to stressors. This means whether you’re recovering from injuries, from surgery, or simply need to improve your daily performance, hormone therapy can prove a fast and safe way to enhance your well-being.

The benefits of hormone therapy are still being understood in full, but research indicates endless possibilities for positive applications. Studies have even shown that hormone therapy may help reduce cancer risk, and greatly aid in fertility treatment. The latter is especially beneficial to women in high-level executive positions, who may have delayed starting a family in order to focus on achieving their business goals. If you have any concerns about your current fertility levels, hormone therapy is an excellent way to strengthen your chances and feel safe about conceiving. CORR specializes in a broad spectrum of hormone therapy treatments, but most fall into two forms: 

First there’s exogenous hormone therapy, which involves introducing outside hormones into the system – most often through oral pellets or through injections. The second type involves directly enhancing your body’s ability to produce its own hormones. 

Both forms of hormone therapy have specific uses, depending on need. However, both forms add up to a faster recovery, and stronger defense and endurance for day-to-day life.

Different Benefits for Men and Women

Aside from the fertility benefits mentioned above, hormone therapy can help women address a number of different concerns. Restoring lost or deficient hormones can help balance your mood and reduce symptoms of nervousness and depression, along with emotional sensitivity. It’s especially useful for women going through menopause, and can stave off hot flashes and night sweats, as well as fatigue, low libido and painful intercourse. Finally, hormone therapy can assist your outside as much as the inside – restoring skin vibrance and elasticity, along with a healthier metabolism; even one that’s been sluggish to diet and exercise. 

Men benefit greatly from an equally diverse range of effects. Hormone therapy can improve physical stamina, increase motivation, and ground your mood. In terms of physical effects, it can also strengthen bone density, which protects against arthritis and joint pain. It assists cognitive function and memory as well, so you can perform at your best again. It should also be noted that hormone therapy can increase testosterone and restore your sexual performance to levels you haven’t felt in years.

Other Optimization Procedures

Besides hormone procedures, CORR specializes in a variety of ways to optimize your health and strengthen your body’s natural defense against fatigue and illness. Since membership to CORR is all-inclusive, many of these procedures can be added on to your hormone therapy in one seamless process, or you may simply opt to try them by themselves. 

Cryotherapy is ideal for physically active clients looking to keep their body as alert and relaxed as their minds. Chief amongst its many benefits is migraine relief, and a reduction in nerve irritation. Cryotherapy cools and numbs irritated nerves in the neck, reducing inflammation which might otherwise lead to migraine pain, along with a host of other ailments. It’s an excellent defense against daily stresses that might otherwise pull you into stubborn pain. 

Cryotherapy is also a stellar way to regulate your mood, and prevent headaches in an entirely different way. Recent studies have concluded that cryotherapy helps promote a healthy release of adrenaline, noradrenaline & endorphins (similar to some hormone therapy treatments). This effectively counters symptoms of depression and anxiety, so you can stay focused and do more with your day, while feeling grounded and motivated.

IV therapy is another form of optimization offered by CORR, and can directly introduce vital nutrients and boosters into your system. Whether your B-vitamin levels are low, or you’re seeking to detox from a long weekend before the workweek, IV therapy can provide the fast upgrade you’re looking for to barrel through any and all responsibilities, so you can get back to enjoying your free time.

In Conclusion

Whether you’re interested in hormone therapy or any of CORR’s other optimization procedures, there’s a dedicated team waiting to address your needs. CORR’s optimizations can boost your energy, reduce stress and strengthen your body and mind alike; allowing you to take control of your day like never before. The workplace landscape may be tougher than ever (and filled with even more potential stress), but a membership at CORR provides all the access you need in order to handle your day, conquer challenges and reach brand new heights.