Ballancer pro

Our Ballancer Pro therapy involves a sequence of gentle and relaxing massage that gradually moves up the body, draining the lymph nodes and improving lymphatic circulation. 

Treatment typically lasts 45 minutes. You will be zipped into the Ballancer Pro jacket and your practitioner will then let the machine run its cycle. The process is not painful and feels similar to a gentle or firm massage. 

The system has 3 different cycles that can be used individually or paired together, depending on the unique needs of our guest. These cycles include:

  • Wave Cycle: Deep, long, and slow peristaltic massage, suitable for quick recovery from pain or discomfort after exercise
  • Balancer Cycle: A superficial, short, and fast peristaltic massage
  • Pretherapy Cycle: Stimulation of the lymph nodes in the groin or armpit areas