Level-Up Your Immunity & Strengthen Against Injuries

Maintaining your health in today’s world is a challenge, in and of itself. But doing it on top of a demanding lifestyle can feel almost impossible. The daily stresses of a fast-moving world threaten to break down healthy habits and accelerate injury risk for high-functioning professionals of all types – from top-level executives to pro athletes, creatives, and every profession in-between.

CORR, or the Center for Optimal Recovery & Repair, was founded by Dr. Leif Rogers to provide the breakthrough treatments necessary for strengthening top performers against illness and injury (no matter how busy their schedules may be). The staff at CORR is on the cutting-edge of preventative medicine, and CORR’s all-inclusive membership offers clients the opportunity to have all relevant treatments come straight to them; saving time, paperwork, and of course, stress. CORR’s preventative services enhance nutrition, vitamin intake and overall vitality to give its clients the very best chance at excelling further without risking illness or injury. Below is just a small sample of what CORR has to offer.

Nutrition Counseling

To protect your body against the wear and tear of a rigorous schedule, it’s vital to start with the fundamentals, aka what you consume. The full advantages of CORR’s member services and cutting-edge technology can only be enjoyed if your body’s getting what it needs to begin with. For this reason, every CORR member has access to an expert, in-house nutritionist who helps clients optimize their diet and lifestyle as early as onboarding.

Our nutritionist works with you to develop a customized plan for eating, drinking and living that fits your lifestyle and pushes you towards attainable goals for bettering overall wellness, before you’ve even received a single treatment. This custom plan is intended to help you develop nutritional habits that ensure lifelong health, along with establishing the correct eating patterns for aiding the body through injury, surgical recovery or simply the daily stressors of a high-functioning lifestyle.

Nutrition counseling eventually pays off in more ways than simply the way your body feels, however. Correct nutrition also reaps big rewards for your mind – clearing out brain fog and improving your focus. A better-functioning brain is one more apt to make important decisions faster and wiser than one that’s informed by poor nutrition. With CORR, the comprehensiveness of your personal plan is always matched by the ease of its availability, from the very first moment you’re a member.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing – also known as DNA testing – is another vital service that’s available to all CORR members, and like nutrition counseling, can reveal a host of helpful information that translates into easy fixes for better health before you’ve even undergone treatment. In fact, the information gathered during genetic testing helps the CORR staff determine exactly which therapies and techniques may suit you best, along with any modifications necessary. 

The process is easy, and involves a simple swab or blood test. The results are scanned for genetic abnormalities, along with risk factors for disease and other unwanted conditions, to better optimize the rest of your services at CORR. Specifically, better knowing your DNA helps better target the wealth of other preventative service options available for you.


Phototherapy has enjoyed a wave of success in treating all manner of skin ailments – from acne to chronic conditions like eczema & psoriasis. Its uses for preventative treatment are only beginning to be understood, but the CORR team remains on the cutting edge of new research, and is currently dedicated to two specific forms offering very exciting benefits:

Red and NIR Therapy

Red and near-infrared light therapy (also known as photobiomodulation therapy and low-level light therapy) has been proven to enhance the body’s immune system by penetrating cells & boosting their natural energy molecules, along with mobilizing stem-cells. It’s also been shown to reduce inflammation & pain, and both accelerate healing & improve performance for athletes.

Blue Light Therapy

Blue light therapy has been proven to kill bacteria on the skin, keeping you looking your best while also working to prevent any future unwanted conditions. On a deeper level, blue light therapy can be combined with photosensitizing drugs to even kill early cancer cells.

All CORR members again have access to our unique stand-up, proprietary-designed light booth, constructed to greatly reduce therapy time (only 90-180 seconds for red & NIR therapy). It’s a process that takes no longer than 3 minutes from start to finish, allowing clients to get back to their day faster & enjoy the full benefits of their treatment.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy can be interpreted broadly, but in the case of CORR’s services, encompasses therapies using mesenchymal stem cells and exosomes. They’re acquired via live c-sections from healthy patients to ensure the youngest and most active stem cells possible.

When injected through targeted treatments designed around each client’s needs, stem cells offer more than just impressive cosmetic improvements. They can also reduce chronic pain and inflammation throughout the body, and can even enhance the body’s own ability to regenerate quickly after injury or ailment. 

Final Outlook

These days, the world may seem more stressful, especially for high-functioning professionals, but it’s also offering more solutions to that stress by the day. CORR is committed to delivering the best solutions possible to its clientele, without ever compromising convenience. 

Our treatments are made to fit even the most crowded lifestyle, and enhance the well-being of our clients for the long haul. Busy or not, you’ve got time to explore these treatments, and protect yourself from whatever stresses the world sends your way tomorrow.