How Does Ballancer Pro Work?

How Does Ballancer Pro Work?

Lately, you may have heard the phrase “Ballancer Pro” floating around the locker room, the office, parties, or anywhere else people stop to ask questions, get answers and share secrets. While this technology has been wildly popular in Europe for over 40 years, it’s only now beginning to make waves in the United States.

Ballancer Pro is a revolutionary approach to compression therapy – specifically compression of the body’s lymphatic system. The results are a plethora of benefits both internal and external – from reduced swelling and water retention to improved circulation and digestion, all the way up to improved skin tone and a slimmer, more contoured body. But how does it all work? And is it the right treatment for your needs? We will detail everything that makes Ballancer Pro unique below, and let you decide.

Ballancer Pro Basics

Ballancer Pro works by regulating Lymph fluid throughout your lymphatic system, which pushes out toxins (including lactic acid – the reason you’re so tired and sore after a particularly tough workout) and ultimately restores the body’s internal balance. 65% of your lymphatic system rests just below the surface of the skin, and when it’s unbalanced, a whole host of problems can arise – like excess cellulite, poor circulation and sluggish digestion. Ballancer Pro compresses the full body as it gently massages your lymphatic system; draining out that waste and sending it to your liver for natural removal.

The system itself resembles a large zip-up jacket, which is inflated around the patient to induce compression as it works up and down the body. This sensation resembles a light to firm massage, but rarely feels as intense as a full-fledged deep tissue massage – again the lymphatic system rests just under the skin. When you come to CORR, we work with you to decide the best strategy for your unique body concerns, and apply one or more of our system’s three compression cycles to your treatment:

  • Pretherapy Cycle – Direct massage of the lymph nodes in the groin or armpit areas
  • Ballancer Cycle – Short, shallow bursts of peristaltic pressure that resemble a muscle contraction
  • Wave Cycle – Deep peristaltic massage that addresses immediate discomfort and inflammation, and helps release then flush out lactic acid

Once programmed, each Ballancer Pro treatment runs approximately 45 minutes, all on its own. You’ll feel immediate relief, much like after a massage, before the real benefits even begin to settle in. For patients looking to sculpt their body and improve skin tone, approximately 10-12 treatments across the timespan of a month is ideal, but those seeking relief from muscle aches, bloating or excess water weight can see results immediately.

Ballancer Pro Benefits

The collective benefits of utilizing the Ballancer Pro system include:

  • Full lymphatic detox
  • Improved skin – both in tone and elasticity
  • Reduced bloating
  • A strengthened immune system
  • Balanced circulation
  • Expedited muscle recovery
  • Improved mineral absorption
  • Reduced cellulite
  • More even skin texture
  • Normalized metabolism

It’s a system that works for just about the entire body, and delivers customized results for different kinds of patients. Athletes benefit from the improved skin elasticity Ballancer Pro provides, along with the expedited muscle recovery after intense workouts or challenging games. When it comes to quickly eliminating those lactic acid build-ups that slow down even the strongest players, no technology gets the job done quite like Ballancer Pro.

Older patients benefit from its cellulite-shedding and bloat-busting properties, and high-level professionals of all industries benefit from Ballancer Pro’s circulation correction and its overall calming effects on the lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system is inflamed or jammed up, it affects more than just the body – sleep, mood and focus are all hindered, leaving you more vulnerable to stress and poor decision-making. Ballancer Pro is therefore an ideal way to not only de-stress, but strengthen the body while calming the mind; protecting against future disorders as it corrects any current ones. As a bonus, it feels absolutely fantastic.

Getting Started With Ballancer Pro

If you’d like to learn more about Ballancer Pro, and what it can do for you, simply reach out to CORR with any questions or concerns. We’re here to help those with busy schedules and demanding lifestyles find their balance – both inside & out. We’ll walk you through all of the specifics about the Ballancer Pro system, and can design a unique plan that addresses your needs; customized just for you.

Best of all, CORR’s membership is all inclusive, so we can work with you to merge the most relevant benefits of Ballancer Pro with those of our other treatments, and create a health plan just for you that will have you feeling stronger, looking healthier & recovering faster from whatever life throws your way – whether that’s on the field, in the boardroom or anywhere else.